Case Study: Managing supply and demand for fresh produce

Forecasting supply and demand accurately is vital for producers of short shelf life products. Compas is ideally suited to building such forecasts, as demonstrated in this case study for a major supplier to supermarkets and hospitality outlets.

Case Study: Planning and forecasting in direct marketing

For Direct Wines, the world’s largest direct-to-consumer wine merchant, we used the Compas framework to develop a comprehensive planning and reporting tool, delivering management information, analytics, budgeting and forecasting

Case Study: Promotional planning and evaluation in FMCG

One of the first projects that was undertaken using what was subsequently to become the Compas platform, was to develop a promotional planning and evaluation system for Unilever UK. Many businesses still plan and evaluate large sums of marketing investment using little more than spreadsheets. Compas provides a robust and sophisticated solution to help organisations plan efficiently and maximise ROI.