Forecast subscription revenues quickly and accurately

Companies are increasingly turning to continuity schemes for their ability to deliver reliable cash flows. Compas creates highly accurate forecasts and delivers powerful reporting of subscription revenues

How Compas helps SMEs escape spreadsheet mayhem

Spreadsheets are great for analysis, but not for managing a successful business. Our explainer video shows how Compas supports businesses that have become too dependent on Excel.

Why Compas is perfect for direct marketing (direct to consumer selling)

Compas is a flexible platform that has a wide range of applications. This post outlines many of the features which make it perfect for companies involved in direct marketing (DTC)

Launch of new YouTube channel

We are delighted to announce the launch of the new Compas channel on YouTube. This will be used to host videos that highlight specific features of Compas, and also to demonstrate how the system can be used to its best advantage.

How Compas takes the pain out of building forecasts – video

Watch our demonstration of Compas from the virtual B2B marketing show. See how easy it is to build accurate and responsive sales forecasts with a few inputs

Businesses work better with joined-up planning

Businesses frequently plan in Excel but report using a variety of other systems. Compas integrates planning and reporting, saving time and helping analysis of past activities to improve future planning.

Your business is not two-dimensional, so why is your planning?

Business is complex, but using Excel to plan limits you to two dimensions. Working around this adds risk and complexity to the process. Compas uses an industrial-strength multidimensional database for planning that reflects the real world.

What is Compas?

Compas is an integrated tool for business planning, monitoring and analysis. This post explains how it is more powerful and less risky than using a spreadsheet and cheaper and simpler than a bespoke system or an ERP.