About us

Compas has been built by Golden Orb, a management consultancy that has been developing analytical software for leading companies for over 20 years. Golden Orb specialises in helping organisations with planning and forecasting so that they can achieve a greater return on investment

Exceptional insight

“The people, software and service from Golden Orb have all been exceptional. If it is insight you seek, don't look any further”
- Chairman, Riviera Travel

Accurate forecasting

“Compas is the quickest and easiest solution I’ve seen for anyone planning and tracking DM campaigns; within days of the drop, you can reforecast the campaign results with remarkable accuracy”
- Former Managing Director, Lands' End Europe

Maximise marketing ROI

“Our partnership with Golden Orb has enabled us to have much greater oversight of our marketing spend. By helping us to identify profitable and unprofitable activities, their software allows us to focus our resources where they can deliver the greatest ROI”
- Group CEO, Direct Wines

Highest quality

“We have worked with Golden Orb over many years and always found their work to be of the highest quality”
- CIO:Consumer, Unilever Plc

Focused and optimised

“We have been very happy with the performance of Compas, which has helped us to navigate through a rapidly evolving and dynamic period. Predicting consumer patterns with accuracy ensures that our entire operation is focused and optimised“
- Finance Director, Stonegate Farmers Ltd

Optimised marketing spend

“Our work with Golden Orb has transformed the way we are able to read and understand marketing results. We are able to evaluate and forecast our marketing performance faster and more accurately, in both the immediate, and longer term(lifetime value). We have as a result significantly optimised our marketing spend”
- Head of Marketing Analytics, Laithwaites Wine

Perfect for fast-growing businesses

“Pretty much perfect for businesses that are fast-growing and ready to professionalise their marketing“
- Direct Commerce Innovator Awards

Priceless data

“The continuity campaign data is priceless. For a global company, having this data to compare campaigns from around the world is invaluable. It takes all the guesswork out of measuring ROI”
- Former President, Readers Digest Europe


“A robust solution, which is at the Rolls-Royce end of the market“
- Direct Commerce magazine


“Compas is a great campaign planning tool, but it is much more than that. If you use all of its capabilities it can transform your business. You will know precisely how your company can grow, flourish and engage with your customers“
- Managing Director, Direct Commerce Ltd

Impressive modelling

“The modelling capability, in particular, is very impressive“
- Direct Commerce Innovator Awards