What is Compas?

Plan, monitor and evaluate business activities in one place. Build sales forecasts directly from the marketing plan. Compas is a lightweight Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) tool that helps you manage your business without relying on risky and complicated spreadsheets. Budgeting, and monitoring performance against budget, are greatly simplified with Compas.


Compas gives your team a single place to map out your planned marketing or other activities. Sales and financial forecasts are generated from the plan and shared throughout the company. Changes to the plan automatically update the forecast and can be tracked over time


Data feeds allow you to track campaign performance in real time and update the plan as required. Internal and external data sources can be combined to provide a 360-degree view of customer behaviour. Reforecast marketing campaigns with a single click and let the system automatically recalculate the sales and profit implications


Armed with the results of marketing activities and their longer-term effects, your team can gain an in-depth understanding of how to deliver greater value. This feeds back into future planning, improving the quality of decisions and the accuracy of forecasts – true data-driven marketing

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