How Compas takes the pain out of building forecasts – video

In November 2020, we presented at the virtual B2B marketing expo on the subject of using Compas to build accurate, driver-based forecasts. The presentation covered:

  • Building a marketing plan in Compas from a few key inputs
  • Deriving a sales forecast from the marketing plan
  • Calculating a Profit and Loss forecast at campaign and weekly level
  • Modifying the marketing plan and recalculating the forecasts
  • Calculating recurring revenues from subscription plans
  • Incorporating actuals, and updating the forecast in the light of sales to date
  • Product forecasting
  • Some of the wide range of analytical tools in Compas

The video is available to view below:

If you would like to know more about how Compas could benefit your organisation, please contact us now for a demonstration.

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