Compas lets you view all your marketing activities in one place, with actual and planned figures side by side. It supports detailed financial evaluation of marketing campaigns and offers a range of analytical and forecasting tools

Marketing departments have become significantly more sophisticated and data-driven over recent years. Part of this is driven by the huge amounts of data created by trends such as direct-to-consumer selling and e-commerce, and part of it is a more general trend towards measurement and accountability affecting all parts of the business.

Compas supports data-driven marketers in many ways:

  • It supports the creation of detailed marketing plans, in which every activity is costed and expected results are specified, providing a fixed target against which to monitor performance
  • It integrates actual sales data with the marketing plan as it arrives, allowing close monitoring of activities and easy updating of forecasts
  • It can take feeds from many different systems, allowing all marketing activities to be viewed together, along with internal and external data
  • It supports automatic reforecasting of the results of a marketing campaign once a few days’ data are available
  • It allows detailed financial evaluation of marketing activities and can be used to build a detailed budget from the marketing plan, allowing results to be traced back to the drivers, and changes to the plan to update the budget automatically
  • It contains powerful marketing analytics and visualisations – both at the campaign level, and over longer time periods
  • Plans are automatically snapshotted on a weekly basis, so that marketers can see how forecasts have changed over time
  • Compas contains a number of forecasting tools – for marketing campaigns, subscription revenues and customer lifetime value

For a sophisticated marketing department, or one where marketing is closely integrated into overall business planning, Compas provides a complete suite of functions, which help to save time and drive return on investment (ROI). The integrated nature of the Compas platform means that where marketing is a major driver of short-term sales (e.g. direct to consumer businesses, or businesses where promotions drive a large proportion of sales), it can be used as a complete business planning tool – feeding into the budget, supply-chain planning and human resource requirements.

Compas is a flexible platform that can be tailored to a wide range of needs. Contact us now to discuss your requirements, or to see a demonstration.

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