Forecast subscription revenues quickly and accurately

Companies are increasingly turning to continuity schemes for their ability to deliver reliable cash flows. Compas creates highly accurate forecasts and delivers powerful reporting of subscription revenues

Is Compas an EPM tool?

Compas provides a powerful, lightweight and relatively inexpensive planning and analysis solution to organisations ranging from small to large. This seems to put it squarely in the EPM category – particularly for mid-market businesses with difficult or unusual requirements

What is Enterprise Performance Management (EPM)?

We typically describe Compas as EPM software. This extends traditional FP&A into Sales, Marketing and Operations, to create integrated forecasting and analysis. This article explores the characteristics and benefits of EPM software, and how it fits into a company’s software landscape

10 ways that Compas improves the budgeting process

Compas significantly improves the budgeting process for small and medium-sized businesses, making it quicker, more accurate and less prone to errors.

How Compas helps SMEs escape spreadsheet mayhem

Spreadsheets are great for analysis, but not for managing a successful business. Our explainer video shows how Compas supports businesses that have become too dependent on Excel.

Why Compas is perfect for direct marketing (direct to consumer selling)

Compas is a flexible platform that has a wide range of applications. This post outlines many of the features which make it perfect for companies involved in direct marketing (DTC)

Launch of new YouTube channel

We are delighted to announce the launch of the new Compas channel on YouTube. This will be used to host videos that highlight specific features of Compas, and also to demonstrate how the system can be used to its best advantage.

How Compas takes the pain out of building forecasts – video

Watch our demonstration of Compas from the virtual B2B marketing show. See how easy it is to build accurate and responsive sales forecasts with a few inputs

How Compas supports driver-based budgeting

Driver-based budgeting is a sophisticated approach which saves time and improves a company’s responsiveness and efficiency. Read about its benefits and how Compas is designed from the bottom-up to support it.

We are exhibiting at B2B Marketing Virtual 2020, join us there!

This year’s B2B marketing show has gone online. We are talking about how Compas takes the pain out of building forecasts.