Launch of new YouTube channel

We are delighted to announce the launch of the new Compas channel on YouTube. This will be used to host videos that highlight specific features of Compas, and also to demonstrate how the system can be used to its best advantage.

Because the Compas platform is highly flexible and can be tailored to a wide range of business requirements, not all videos will be of direct relevance to all users. In the initial set of short videos, we have used the example of a multi-channel retailer that uses direct mail and email campaigns as part of their marketing mix. Compas is particularly well-suited to the needs of direct marketers, as it allows them to plan at the individual campaign level and gives them excellent visibility of the results of campaigns as they come in. Compas also allows direct marketing companies to track the lifetime revenues from a particular cohort of customers who were all recruited at the same time.

Initially, we have created a playlist entitled 'Introduction to Compas', which covers the basics of:

  • Building a marketing campaign
  • Creating a financial forecast
  • Editing a campaign and updating the forecasts
  • Forecasting recurring revenues
  • Building a budget

Readers who are interested in learning more about Compas, or seeing it in action, should head over to YouTube and subscribe to the channel to be notified as soon as any new videos are uploaded.

Along with the YouTube channel, we have also created a new 'videos' page on this website, which will provide links to many of the same videos, allowing them to be watched without leaving this site.

If you would like to know more about how Compas could free your organisation from the inefficiency and risk of managing by spreadsheet, please contact us now for a demonstration.